The Bishops Enough is Enough convention was a prayer rally held in Baltimore in 2021. The rally gained national notoriety when the city of Baltimore attempted to cancel the rally and were sued by the organizers.

The name behind the rally was inspired to protest the on-going sexual abuse crisis inside of the Catholic Church.

Douglas Design House was tasked with creating a brand identity that would be both iconic and distinct.

The brand identity framework is designed to inspire boldness in the face of oppression. The most recognizable feature of the logo is a motif on the bishops hat known as a "mitre."

The burnt orange is immediately seen as powerful and energetic. The rally organizers had a clear message that didn't require any extra rhetoric or fluff. The wordmark is set in Futura Bold, a strong geometric sans serif with connotations of clarity and strength.

Logo: Douglas Design House

Script: Douglas Design House

Brand Identity: Douglas Design House

Promo: Douglas Design House

Project Manager: Douglas Design House

Music: Audio 153

"The bishop's mitre sits above the apex of the workmark, thus radiating clarity and conciseness to the viewer."