Mental Health: Catholic Perspective is a celebration of the work of The Father of Christian Psychology, Dr. G.C. Dilsaver. This series is the first time the visual medium has been used to attempt to grasp Catholic psychology in a comprehensive way. This show was made exclusively available to Church Militant Premium Subscribers in Summer 2022.

Douglas Design House developed the visual identity for Mental Health: Catholic Perspective, including promotional graphics, merchandise, and 3D animations.

The 3D elements and visual identity for the show suggest both the ethereal and the concrete. Douglas Design House used a series of concrete blocks being place together to help communicate how the human mind makes sense of the world.

The visual identity incorporates dark colors and variations of blue that communicates how this series plunges into the depths of the human mind. The primary typography is Baskerville.

Logo: Douglas Design House

Brand Identity: Douglas Design House

Show Open: Douglas Design House

Music: Audio 153

"Catholic Mental Health is the first major series documenting the work of The Father of Christian Psychology."